Cyakabiri School

Textbooks for students


Every child having a textbook for every subject taught at Urukundo Learning Center is our goal.

A gift was received from friends in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, to purchase textbooks for our Primary 6 students. It is so exciting to have real books to study from.

In time, all six grades will be so blessed.


Counting our blessings every day.

Social studies teacher Tricelle and her students enjoy textbooks and puzzles provided for her class.

Social studies teacher Tricelle and her students enjoy textbooks and puzzles provided for her class.

Science teacher Fidele is excited about new material to present to his class along with the textbooks.

Science teacher Fidele is excited about new material to present to his class along with the textbooks.


First school term ends

The first term has ended. Exams are over. Children are waiting for their report cards.
It is an exciting time as a two-week holiday begins and secondary school brothers and sisters come home.

Please keep Urukundo and all our kids in prayer. We continue to pray for you.

Renovation Finished

The work to have Primary 3 ready for the kids by January 6 was completed.

New on campus

A photo shoot through the new Glascow Center for the Arts.

Starting at the main entrance. This is the performing arts and drama area.

Our Dancers, Story Tellers, Artists and Musicians will use the area to display their talents and the work they have done to an admiring parents and classmates.

Sitting area our audience.  Benches are placed for seating.  The area can also be used for small meetings or just for reading after having visited the library.

The music instruments available for our kids.

We would welcome used usable instruments you may have in the attic that your kids tried and put aside.  We could use some small guitars. I didn’t know they made them but I am told they do. The big one is too big for our kids.

We also would like donations so that we can purchase native instruments to preserve the culture of authentic African music.



70 children graduated from Kindergaten at Urukundo Learning Center on October 25, 2014. What a glorious day it was.

All students and parents preparing for the Parade.

The march from the school to the site of the ceremony was awesome

This scene takes place along the road for the neighbors to witness our graduates, students and parents. They made a very long line.

The parade coming in at my gate.

Very serious.

Our guest of honor was GASPARD RUTEGESHA from the board of education in the Cyeza Sector.  He took part by shaking hands and giving each child a certificate.

I felt very short today, my five foot one next to this six foot 7 gentleman. It's a good thing I was sitting down.

He was our honored guest and main speaker.


The president of Urukundo Foundation's Board of Directors Hildebrand Kanzira spoke, encouraging the children and their parents to place much value on education.

Even I added my 2 cents' worth, using the back of a chair for support.

A first at our graduation celebration: the music and art department presented a program for our entertainment. Bono the music teacher traveled from Kigali to be here for this occasion. Bono is from the Kigali School of Music and teaches twice a week at Urukundo Learning Center.

Intore translated means 'an all-boy dance team'. The boys did a great job. Keeping the culture alive for the children is so important.

The girl dancers were not to be outdone and we were delighted.

Diplomas were held high.

I have so many wonderful pictures it was hard to decide which would give you a clear picture of the event in the lives of the children and the program you are making possible by your gifts and donations.

Thank you for helping make a difference.






The School

Summer classes in English.  We are trying something new!  Urukundo Learning Center offered English class for 2 hours Monday through Friday for children from our home, our school and the community. These kids are 6 - 7 year olds.
This holiday in Rwanda is a 3 month holiday much like the summer shutdown for schools in the US and other countries.
Progress at school
Furniture for Primary 2 class rooms.
The desks have been delivered. Chairs to be delivered the end of November. Picture next month.
Desks stacked.

Kindergarten Graduation

Thirty-seven 6 year olds finished Kindergarten Saturday October 26.
Gathering for the march to Hope House for the ceremony.
The March.
I joined the March 
Family & friends attend the ceremony.
Next year Hope House will be too small for the ceremony as our children increase and more  parents coming to honor their kids.
Students in our school.
Receiving Diploma.

Progress on School Project

We are negotiating with a builder for desks and chairs. The desks open.
Each set costs 21,000 rwf. Don't panic. That is about $32 USD for a desk and a chair. 50 students will move to second grade.
Pictured below is what you will be giving to the first class and future classes with your gift.
Cement under overhang completed. 
The first coat of rust-proof paint on windows, doors and gutter is finished. Blue paint to follow.
The window glass goes in next.
Funding is needed. Appriciate your help.
This is the site of our next building project, we hope.
It will be a two story building saving land and will house grades 3 & 4. This land is for sale. We need it, and we need partners.
A donation to Hope Made Real reduces your income tax as we are a 501(c)3 organization.
Think about it. What better way to spend your hard earned money?