Renovation Finished

The work to have Primary 3 ready for the kids by January 6 was completed.

New on campus

A photo shoot through the new Glascow Center for the Arts.

Starting at the main entrance. This is the performing arts and drama area.

Our Dancers, Story Tellers, Artists and Musicians will use the area to display their talents and the work they have done to an admiring parents and classmates.

Sitting area our audience.  Benches are placed for seating.  The area can also be used for small meetings or just for reading after having visited the library.

The music instruments available for our kids.

We would welcome used usable instruments you may have in the attic that your kids tried and put aside.  We could use some small guitars. I didn’t know they made them but I am told they do. The big one is too big for our kids.

We also would like donations so that we can purchase native instruments to preserve the culture of authentic African music.