Progress on School Project

We are negotiating with a builder for desks and chairs. The desks open.
Each set costs 21,000 rwf. Don't panic. That is about $32 USD for a desk and a chair. 50 students will move to second grade.
Pictured below is what you will be giving to the first class and future classes with your gift.
Cement under overhang completed. 
The first coat of rust-proof paint on windows, doors and gutter is finished. Blue paint to follow.
The window glass goes in next.
Funding is needed. Appriciate your help.
This is the site of our next building project, we hope.
It will be a two story building saving land and will house grades 3 & 4. This land is for sale. We need it, and we need partners.
A donation to Hope Made Real reduces your income tax as we are a 501(c)3 organization.
Think about it. What better way to spend your hard earned money?