Graduates on the move

Our recent high school graduates prepare for life away from Urukundo Village. University is now in their game plan. It takes a truck.


Bosco, Olivier and Abais. Congratulations, gentlemen. Well done.


Bosco and Abais will attend the Adventist University of Central Africa, Kigali campus.

Olivier will attend University of Kigali.

With the addition of these three, we now have quite a few in higher education:

• 22 students are at the university level or beyond.

• 1 is working on her master’s degree in Texas, USA.

• 1 finished college in Seattle, Washington, USA, in 2018. He returned to Rwanda and teaches phys ed at Urukundo Learning Center.

• 1 graduates from Arizona State University, USA, in May 2019.

• 4 have finished university or trade school and are gainfully employed.

• 3 will graduate in fall 2019.

• 5 will graduate in 2020.

• 2 will finish in 2021.

• 3 will graduate in 2023.

• 2 will graduate in 2024.

Our first generation of Urukundo kids are now young men and women. They are well on their way to a brighter future, thanks to you who have cared and shared. I thank you.

Fashion Show

Now last, but not least, I give you an Urukundo fashion show.

These Urukundo fashion treasures will be part of the celebration in Pittsburgh on April 27 and 28.

Come meet and greet me, Mama Arlene, and learn more about Urukundo, the foundation based on love. Translated, Urukundo is the Rwandan word for love.

Mama Arlene

Ready to support the children???


February, the love month

It seems each month has its own rewards and challenges. February is no exception. Cramming into 28 days what usually takes 31 has not been easy.

Love is what it is all about.


We share our love with Centre Marembo in Kigali by supplying free dental care for their girls.

Love is shared with Benjamin, our maintenance manager, on the birth of his baby girl. Benj has two boys. Now a little girl. How awesome! Congratulations, Papa Benj.


Love is sharing a cookie in worship Sunday morning.


Love is a teacher caring for his student with tenderness.


Love is hugging a little girl and her butterfly.


Love is sharing with Sandy Narayanan and Laurien Sibomana as they work for the welfare of young people with diabetes in Rwanda.


Share your love. Make every day a special day for at least one person. Blessings flow.

Visitors day at secondary school

First visit to Claude and Luki in secondary school. Visitation is allowed the second Sunday in the month. The St. Bernadette Secondary School is a half hour from Urukundo Village and easy to get to.


Students wait for family and friends.

This month, Luki hurt his shoulder playing sports, and we were able to bring him home for a few days. If he were in a school several hours away, this would not have been possible. His shoulder was only bruised, and he returned to school after three days.


Our boys are growing up.

Big brother Diescor, our medical student, home for a break, visited with the boys.


Solange becomes a US citizen

Solange Nirere came to Urukundo in 2006. She was 12 years old. One of the first of my girls. She moved to McAllen, Texas, in 2012 for health reasons (asthma), finished high school and graduated from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in political science. She is currently enrolled in its graduate program in political science. She expects to earn her master’s in political science in 2020. She is now 25 years old.

On Jan. 9, Solange took an oath and became an American citizen.

Solange and her best friend and lawyer, Ana Villegas, celebrate this momentous occasion.

Solange and her best friend and lawyer, Ana Villegas, celebrate this momentous occasion.

So proud Solange is now an American.

Birthday surprise

My 88th birthday turned out to be a total surprise. Who would ever expect a party at 6 am in the morning. When called to the living room that early in the morning I expected one of the children was sick so I quickly put on a cover dress did not comb my hair etc. Imagine this wonderful greeting.


Not just the children, but teachers and staff were there to sing happy birthday to me.

Sure I cried. Tears of joy. Olive brought my housecoat so I would not be cold, and we toasted my special day with coffee, tea and African donuts

The kids presented me with a lovely card and lots of love.


My gift from the staff was a new party dress.


It is beautiful. Too early in the morning for modeling.