Primary School

June 2018 Newsletter

What an exciting month!

The Primary 6 students are our first graduating class from Urukundo Learning Center. The students, teachers and Urukundo managers had the very first field trip ever. But not the last. The field trip will be a yearly event.
Large busloads traveled to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

The group visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre and paid respect and honor to those lost in the genocide.

After the visit to the Genocide Memorial, the children visited the Parliament building, which is the seat of governing body in Rwanda.
This was such an important day for Urukundo Primary 6 kids, teachers and managers. The students will graduate in November.

First school term ends

The first term has ended. Exams are over. Children are waiting for their report cards.
It is an exciting time as a two-week holiday begins and secondary school brothers and sisters come home.

Please keep Urukundo and all our kids in prayer. We continue to pray for you.

Successful Bus Project

We are celebrating.
It did not take long to find out that the smaller bus was not big enough. Thanks to caring donors, we were able to negotiate for a bigger bus this time. Now we have a second, even larger bus to carry more children safely to school.

The smaller bus goes to the rural area and the larger one to the town.
Urukundo kids got the first ride in the new bus.
Headmaster, secondary kids, Betty and Mama also enjoyed the short trip.



70 children graduated from Kindergaten at Urukundo Learning Center on October 25, 2014. What a glorious day it was.

All students and parents preparing for the Parade.

The march from the school to the site of the ceremony was awesome

This scene takes place along the road for the neighbors to witness our graduates, students and parents. They made a very long line.

The parade coming in at my gate.

Very serious.

Our guest of honor was GASPARD RUTEGESHA from the board of education in the Cyeza Sector.  He took part by shaking hands and giving each child a certificate.

I felt very short today, my five foot one next to this six foot 7 gentleman. It's a good thing I was sitting down.

He was our honored guest and main speaker.


The president of Urukundo Foundation's Board of Directors Hildebrand Kanzira spoke, encouraging the children and their parents to place much value on education.

Even I added my 2 cents' worth, using the back of a chair for support.

A first at our graduation celebration: the music and art department presented a program for our entertainment. Bono the music teacher traveled from Kigali to be here for this occasion. Bono is from the Kigali School of Music and teaches twice a week at Urukundo Learning Center.

Intore translated means 'an all-boy dance team'. The boys did a great job. Keeping the culture alive for the children is so important.

The girl dancers were not to be outdone and we were delighted.

Diplomas were held high.

I have so many wonderful pictures it was hard to decide which would give you a clear picture of the event in the lives of the children and the program you are making possible by your gifts and donations.

Thank you for helping make a difference.






Something New at the School

We are big enough that now we need a Head Teacher! One day we will need a Principal but not yet.

It is our blessing to promote that teacher from inside our staff.  The headteacher oversees all programs at the school and attends all District and Sector meetings involving education.

My great pleasure is seeing the children from the community along with our kids returning to school for the second term of the 2014 school year.

New Headteacher Rene welcoming the students.

The first day of school the kids from Urukundo Home were so excited they went to school early and so I missed the pictures. The second morning they waited for me and I am sharing the pictures with you.


Our children from the community come to school on different types of vehicles plus on foot. Here are two of them.