Hope Made Real is dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and abandoned children, and the poor and vulnerable people of Rwanda, Africa.

The History of Hope Made Real

Hundreds of thousands of children who managed to live through the 1994 genocide and its aftermath in Rwanda are struggling for survival in desperately impoverished situations. Due to AIDS, disease, and poverty many younger children have become orphans or throw away children.  The number of vulnerable children in Rwanda is not decreasing. They are without help. Most of them live in loneliness, neither loved nor cared for.  Many children have been traumatized and the psychological consequences of invisibility and powerlessness is devastating. These circumstances overwhelm them. Most, feeling hopeless about their future, end up wandering and begging in the streets where they are routinely exploited, girls in particular.

Hope Made Real believes that all children are precious and are a sign of hope for Rwanda's future.

They need the love they deserve before they become blind and deaf by abuse and hardships.


Hope Made Real is the REAL thing. 100% of every dollar goes to support Mama, the children and the school. This is because everyone who works with her in any way donates 100% of their time and any costs they incur.
— Patricia D. Brown