Urukundo Farm

Urukundo farm started because we needed a coop for 40 chickens.  In Rwanda if you have a few chickens you have a chicken farm. The chickens were living and playing on the same land as our boys. Boys and chickens do not mix so we needed to move the chickens. We purchased land and built the first chicken house. We now have 2000 chickens, both layers and broilers in our coops.



Farming on a hillside is not easy. Terracing is difficult. Agriculture is important to Urukundo farm. We grow our own cabbage, lettuce, carrots, beans, peas, red beets and maize.



Animals on the farm include cows, pigs and chickens. The cows and pigs contribute manure to our Bio Gas project. The chicken manure is sold as fertilizer to neighboring farmers. The eggs are for our own use. The broilers are sold to restaurants & hotels.



Our goal is for the farm to be self-sustaining.  The growth has been constant if slow. We employ a manager and 3 cowboys. We offer internships to students from other schools.