Teacher Training

Carol Falke on teacher trainings: 

Each time I come I bring teacher supplies, materials and books. It is important to weave these together to form a curriculum and themes for teaching. You can’t just give teachers what we “think” they might need, without sharing the possibilities for these teaching tools. 

Next we worked on leveled reading books that were donated by two publishers as well as BIG books. Teachers learned how to introduce a new book and the steps to use when reading it - prereading, reading, responding, exploring and analyzing. Again we used role playing to teach the basics of beginner reading.

So in August we held 3 days of trainings and just this past April another 3 half days. A great starting point in April was for each teacher to teach the other teachers about their “classroom to classroom” partnerships. They showed what materials went together and why, how they taught their class and what they and the children learned. Role playing is so important and was a lot of fun. 

*** Urukundo always has a need for preschool or primary teachers to come to Rwanda for a few weeks, a month or longer. Teachers interested in working with the teachers on curriculum development as well as working in the classrooms. Please email Arlene if you want to discuss this further.