Celebrating our Teachers

Our teachers are making a difference in so many lives. For each child as well as for their families. We LOVE our teachers and so do our children!!!
David is one of our amazing preschool teachers who is also taking university classes. He asked the children to greet recent visitors to their class. He shared, "It is important to teach them to be respectful and to grow to be good citizens of Rwanda."

Louise says, "One-on-one time is important to develop opportunities for children to be creative and use their imagination."Cesarie one of our Primary 1 teachers has been teaching for 11 years. She shared some of her thoughts on education. "School is essential to improving your knowledge and sharing it with others. At school children learn to be responsible and to take care of their materials. They learn to play, be creative and take time to think through things. Each child comes with different skills so it is important for teachers to improve those skills and sometimes reorient them to improve other skills. It is also about working with our parents so they understand the importance of their child's education. Parents are encouraged to help with homework, clean their uniform, reinforce good behavior at home and help the teachers to know their children to help them grow."