Labor Day

May 1 is the cultural  LABOR DAY in Rwanda. It is not a day off from work but a day when employers invite all workers to join together with the administrative staff (that includes me) for conversation, for some food treats (sumbosa) and Fanta.

Our staff works very hard. They work long hours and with little pay. 

The day before the meeting was to take place word was spread that there would be a meeting of all Urukundo staff at 2 pm Tuesday.

They came looking rather concerned. This was a surprise for them and the first time Labor Day had been celebrated in our village.

I just learned about this wonderful tradition. It will be a yearly celebration.

Awards were given in recognition of devoted service. It was difficult to choose who would get the awards. 

The award for length of service was given to Delphine (6 years), mama from the girls' home. The award for 'most flexible' with 5 years service went to Betty in the Nursery.  Betty has worked in every area in the home plus the school. She is versatile and works wherever needed and is now permanent in the nursery (I think). Benjimin the builder, who maintains our homes and manages the construction on site, was also recognized with an award.

It was two hours well spent.

Workers gathered.

It was my pleasure to serve those who serve.