Greetings from Mama Arlene and the Urukundo Kids for May 2012

Hello from Urukundo village, Mama and the kids.

It is difficult to decide what to put in the newsletter as so much is happening here. I do appreciate hearing from those who read my letter to family and friends. Comments are welcome: 

Most current & priority news

This beautiful little boy was taken to King Faisal Hospital, which is a private institution, the best in Rwanda and not covered by Mutual Insurance. His little body was full of fluid. He needed consultation and treatment and stayed in hospital for 10 days.

Thanks to the Ingoboka Fund for Emergencies, the money for the unexpected hospital visit and treatment was available and we were able to get the help needed .  He is home now and on the way to complete recovery. Thank you.

Please keep him and all our children in prayer.

His name is Claude and he is 5 years old . When he was well:

Thank you for caring and responding before the need arose.  The Lord bless you.

Mama Arlene