The Farm

We plant everywhere we can. The vegetables feed our kids and are shared with the community.

I really do want to plant sweetcorn. 

The corn here is like field corn we used to steal from Grampa's fields and roast over an open fire at night. I laugh to think we thought we were fooling grampa. I am sure he knew what we were doing all the time and watched over us.

Now that I am thinking about it we also took potatoes from mom's pantry and put them in the ashes to cook. They were the best potatoes ever and covered with dirt and no butter and some salt but oh so good. You have to be a kid in the 30's & 40's to enjoy such a treat. Hey I am not getting older only better.

Beans are our earliest crop for harvesting.  

The beans are pulled out by the roots, carried to the basketball court to dry in our little truck and then pods are pulled and shelled.

Drying plants are then placed around other garden plants to hold the rain water longer.

The kitchen gardens are producing well.

Lettuce patch - I believe it is Romaine.

Pineapple patch - this is my first time growing pineapples, and it seems to be a long process!  It will be interesting to see how it develops.

Snow Peas : the seeds were sent specially from the US. We're not sure yet if they will produce well.