Graduation Day at Cyakabiri Preschool

What a wonderful day for 47 kids and their proud parents with the wearing of the robe and mortar board as the first graduates from Cyakabiri Preschool.

The kids lined up for the march from the school to Hope House was spectacular.  Led by the teachers they paraded in line for all to see followed by parents and friends.

A vision of blue and gold

Presenting  diplomas to the graduates was the highlight for the Director of Cyakabiri Preschool.
The speakers were Felix, the contractor who built the preschool and is building the primary school, and one of the parents.  The kids put on a skit about education.  Songs were sung and two of the students gave a speech.

Now the younger kids want to know when we will have another graduation. That is so great because it gives them something to work toward.