Welcome home, brother

After 18 months in Seattle, Washington, USA, John Paul was finally coming home. His plane was due in Kigali at 3:10 pm. Wonderful. No, not so wonderful. John Paul’s homecoming had a few problems.

His flight from Seattle to Doha, Qatar, was delayed six hours, causing him to miss the flight from Doha to Kigali. Time was made up, and he was just two hours late getting to Kigali. So he still could be home in time for devotions with the kids and a photo. But that didn’t happen. There was an accident on the road from Kigali to home, and traffic was stopped for hours.

The kids waited until after 8:30 p.m.; then it was off to bed. JP arrived after 10 p.m. with only Mom to say welcome and no photo. We still needed a photo with him home and the kids loving him. The children are so happy he is home to stay. Big brothers are precious here at the Urukundo Home.