Project for the month and beyond

All Urukundo staff and kids helped to repair the entrance road leading to the house. I am grateful as the short road out of the compound to the main road was dangerous to walk on. I feared tripping and falling. Stones were in, out, angled, upside down and sharp. Catching my toe or foot on a stone and landing on my nose was not a good idea.
The staff and kids decided this would be an Urukundo project just for mama.

Forever and Younger Claude work as a team.

Big brother Bosco, at home for a break, pitched in and carried stones to the worksite along with the children.

Luki and teacher share the load by carrying stones and sand to the work area.Supervision on the job
Little Benj (Jacob) is on duty. He is a hard worker.

Jacob in Uniform. This navy uniform -- which was a gift from volunteers Bob and Amy Dove --  is just like the one Maintenance Manager Benjamin wears. Note even the boots are like Benj wears.
Teamwork. Jacob, Soso, both Claudes, David, Prince and many other children worked along with the adults.

Starting to place new stones. These will be covered by quality cement. I can’t wait to have a safe walkway. It will also be easier on the vehicles.
The kids were delighted to see Headmaster I’rene (principal at Urukundo Learning Center) carrying stones with them. He is such a good role model for staff and kids.

I am so proud of all. It was heavy work for the kids. Hard work for the staff. God bless them all.