September 2015 Newsletter

September is not the month for school to start in Rwanda but it is a busy month just the same. We were blessed with wonderful visitors and trusting in God we started clearing and leveling the land for the toilet facility for the New Primary 4 class room and the expected Primary 5 & 6 when they are completed and students are there. Funds needed.

We saw our University kids settled in Kigali town. Two of them did start University in September.

Special Surprise

Teachers, Guards, Office personal and all available Home staff pitched in to make a difference at Urukundo Learning Center. They have declared an Umugunda (day set aside to do work on a volunteer basis) day just for our school. They are leveling and preparing the ground around the new Primary 4 building. This is hard work and so appreciated. 

Moving a Mountain

Jean Marie Exec Director second from the top in Red.
I am told he worked very hard.

Secretary Juliette moving dirt. Awesome job. Olive in black Shirt on the road. Office personal well representative. Notice I am not there.

 Primary 4 looking good

When the rains truly come grass and trees will be planted to hold the soil.

Teachers & Staff plan two more workdays in the next two-month.
Leveling work yet to be done.

News from the Urukundo Children’s Sewing Center Technical School

It was a pleasure to present a brand new sewing machine to the top student of our first Graduating class. We hope this will be an annual event.

Manager and head teacher Theresa and co manager and teacher Desiree present the gift to Mary Claire at the Sewing Center. A proud moment for all.

Mama & Baby House

The house for new mothers and their infants has taken on a life of it’s own. Not exactly what we had thought but in many ways better. Cultural conflict does not allow mothers to come and stay but they do come and visit with the Midwife and Nurse getting advise, help if needed and clothes for their newborn. At the same time we share with them clothes for their older children. This ministry is an outreach that now has expanded to more than just the mothers and the new born but to other needy children in our world. Our need for newborn clothes and clothes for older children is ever growing. Sharing is what we do at Urukundo. God in Charge.

Presenting hats for new born babies to the director at the birthing Center.

Nurse Julliane presenting the director with the first Layette.

Head of the Medical Center came to Urukundo to get a better understanding of our mission as a good neighbor and to give us a better understanding of the hospitals desire to work with us.

Development at the Sewing Center

The students and Head Teacher designed the Uniform for Urukundo’s sewing school. Next months newsletter will give more information as we develop and become a recognized Technical School for sewing.

New student Uniform for Sewing Center

Reunion of Louise and Luki

Louise came home to Urukundo after a 3 year absence to see Luki her sponsored child and all the kids. Louise has sponsored Luki for 9 years. She first met him when he was a 6 month old baby. It was a happy reunion. Luki is now 9 years old and in Primary 3 (third grade).


New look and new teacher at the Library

Librarian Irene -Pronounced E ra nay . He is a teacher and is learning how to manage a library. This takes special training. Volunteers needed.

Sports at Urukundo

Thanks to a new friend named Michael John, we have soccer balls. The kids are so excited to have such a wonderful gift.  We thank the Philadelphia Inquirer for the article they published. That article introduced Urukundo Kids to Michael. We are grateful to Diane Mastrull She presented us very well.
Thank you
Mama & Kids



View from the present

Wish I had the original picture when these boys came to us as babies.
Some of you who have been with Urukundo from 2006 may remember the "TRIPLETS" all boys. We loved and supported them as tiny babies born to a mama with 9 children already. She needed help with milk and medical care for them.  Much to my surprise the mother came to worship at Urukundo Sunday, September 20 and brought the boys for me to see how they had grown.  What a wonderful surprise for me.  The boys are 9 year olds now and beautiful boys indeed.  Such happy smiles!

Another walk down memory lane
This is Belise, our first girl under 7 years of age.  Belise was 4 years old when she came to make her home at Urukundo. She has grown into a lovely young girl and is finishing her first year of High School.
She has a penpal named Katie in Pennsylvania, USA and enjoys writing to her sitting at mama’s desk.



Saying "bye" to visitors is a bit painful more for the visitors than for the children

Goodbye to Lennart and Angelaque

Lennart and his mother Angelique Westmark from Germany

This one was very hard.  Lennart Plays guitar for the kids and then sings a song every evening at devotions and Mama Westmark spent special time with all the kids at school and later with our kids at home after school.  Love her Rwanda necklace.

Katie Keating and her daughter Katrina pictured in the visitors section in August newsletter shared two of their favorite photos with me for this newsletter.

Daycare bunch at Nursery  All three and under. An elite group; Jenny, Kavine, Banite, Bella, Jacob, Jason
Edison, and Diane. Soso came to join in the picture, he is four. 

Johnny, Soso and Rebekah.  Thank you Katrina for sharing the photos.

Path to Learning

A stone was placed on the path to Learning in September to honor:
HENRY LEIGH by his daughter Debra Kenworthy.  We also placed a stone for Debra by her dad’s stone. It seemed appropriate. Thank you Debra!

The path extends from the gate to the Flagpole. We are now widening it by two stones near the flagpole. 


In closing, I leave you with this thought:

The vulnerable children of Rwanda and the world.

Opportunity is what they need. Your love. Their lives, Our world, You can make a difference.

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Much love,

Mama Arlene
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