August 2015 Newsletter

Earthquake on August 7 shook our beds waking us up from our nights sleep. Thankfully for us it was a small one. However, the kids have lots of questions so the devotion that evening explored what are earthquakes and why do they happen. I learned a lot because I am the one to answer questions. I get smarter every day.

August started off a very tough month.

Our youth from Urukundo in America is growing. We now have Kevin, Solange, Lucie, Tresor, Lilliane, and soon I hope Diescor will also travel to the US through a Rotary program for students.

August was a month of mixed emotions. Saying so long for a while to Tresor and Lilliane was such an event. We were all happy for them to have the opportunity to go to the USA for study but we will miss them and look forward to their return home in the future. The party was great fun.

P3 kids were allowed to stay late to the party. Nelly, Cedric, Emmanuel, Luki, Claude. Even Mama got caught in a photo or two.

I forgot the camera taking Tresor to the airport close to midnight. Lilliane went in the afternoon so we did get a few pictures.  Brothers Diescor and Alexander were on hand to say TRAVEL SAFE.

Carol Falke, State College, Lilliane and Pastor Sunny Stock pose for a photo for mama.  Lilliane really is in the USA. Hard to believe.  Thanks guys.

Sewing Center

Graduation at the SEWING CENTER.  Our first class to receive a certificate graduated on July 30,2015.  

The newest addition to our Urukundo family.

Her name is Livine.  Livine is 6 years old and in Primary 1.  Sarah was happy to welcome her as they are the same age and in the same class in school. They will be best friends as well as sisters. We now have Divine, Kavine and Livine.

Mama Delphine, Sister Monique, and our little girl. Livine is here to have a better life and achieve an education.


Visitors from Pittsbugh

Pirate fans of course. They brought Baseball to Urukundo. Margie & Bruce (Grandpa & Grandma) visited with son Rob, daughter–in-law and grandsons Wyatt, Henry, and Oscar, came with bats and balls and a lot of energy. The kids loved it. Little League World Series 2020 look out. Our champs may be ready. Soso will be a bit young yet.

Team players and teachers.

Running bases was exciting with a lot of cheering and encouraging shouts. Run! Run!, Touch the base, You’re out, etc. Missing the ball created a lot of laughter. It was a wonderful day for the kids.

Baseball players need a break. Looking out at the passers by on the road is such fun.

Slugger Kavine

Margie also brought Barb and Dale, good friends for a very long time.


More Fun

Ever hear of Rocket Balloons. Well I had not. Johnny’s sponsor sent them to the kids. There is a pump to inflate the very long balloons. You must hold the open end very tight. Then you point them in the air and let go. They go up with a squealing sound and the air carries them even higher. They do come back down to be flown again. Our football field is the perfect place because there are no trees or roofs for them to land on.It was such an exciting day for kids and visitors.

Kaboss and his green rocket. See others getting ready to be released.


The babies were included in the fun.

The library got a workout during the school holiday. The little ones in the morning and the older kids in the afternoon. The kids love books and stories. What better use for the library?

Kyra Manjone & Megan Bensinger came in August. Both girls had just graduated from Nursing school. Congratulations to both of you on your achievement. This is Megan’s third trip to Urukundo and the kids and Kyra’s first time. She has promised the kids she will come back.

A Gift Receieved

A gift from Christ Church McKeansburg of much needed communion cups was presented to our pastor in Worship. Claude helped do the presentation. He is becoming a leader among the children. The congregation was very please to receive the gift of pajamas for our kids All the little ones had to model the PJ’s although some were a very tight fit.

They fit the little ones just fine

Our visitor, Megan danced for The Lord and to please the children. Ballet is such a beautiful form of dance. Megan comes from Christ Church McKeansburg, Pa. Yes, this is where Lilliane is living and going to school. Megan will be there to cheer her on.

Kyra and Megan walked the kids to school many mornings and worked in the Preschool

Saying goodbye to Mary Moore was a bit painful for her and for the kids. Tears were shed. We look forward to her return.

Come back soon Mary!

Our secondary girls were happy to be together again. They each go to a different school and so it is a reunion each time they come home on holiday.

Debora, Anitha, Dada, Esperance

Deborah sends her love and appreciation to Karen in California

Esperance sends her love and appreciation to Yvonne in Reston Virginia.

Pacifique (Dada) sends her love and appreciation to Talia, her mom, and sister in PA.

Anitha sends her love and appreciation to Carol in Pennsylvania.

Belise says Thank You and sends her love and appreciation to Ed & Norma in PA. Belise was 4 years old when she became family.

From a grateful Mama

Let me add my Thank You and deepest heart felt appreciation. You are making such a difference in the lives of these young girls. It could not be done without your love and support.

Urukundo Foundation Board members inspect the new office complex. 

Urukundo National Board inspect the new development finished complex. Baby & Mama House, Office complex, Mama’s home, garden, trees, and beautiful Rwanda sky. We are so blessed!


The truly fun part of my job is greeting newcomers to Urukundo at the airport. This mama and daughter were a delight. Katie mom and daughter Katrina came for a 9 day stay. They had many interesting days with us. They also visited the GENOCIDE MEMORIAL IN KIGALI and KIBEHO a shrine far into the country south of Urukundo. They marveled that Oswalde our driver could navigate mountain roads. He is an awesome driver. We are blessed to have him.

Visitors from Germany

Relaxing in the front garden at Mama’s house Lennart Westmark a second time visitor brought his Mama Angelique to meet his family at Urukundo Village.

Auntie Jolly came home from University. Welcome home Jolly!

Jolly is preparing a bible study for evening devotions on Mama’s veranda. Yep with a cell phone attached to her ear. Seems to be the trend.

Path to Learning

A new stone was added to the Path to Learning at the Learning Center

In closing, I leave you with this thought:

The vulnerable children of Rwanda and the world.

Opportunity is what they need. Your love. Their lives, Our world, You can make a difference.

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Mama Arlene
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