Special October Newsletter

Nature Plays a Trick

October 1, 2015, will go down as memorable day in Urukundo Village. The hurricane strength winds, hail stones and rain from the night before (September 30) were devastating. Our farm lay in ruins. An earthquake last month and a hurricane/tornado this month I wonder what next month will bring.  

This crazy storm gave no warning. It ignored the homes (Praise God) but gave grief to the farm. One of the little boys told me, "mama the pigs roof flyed." He was right.  The whole roof was lifted in one piece and flew up the mountain.  The children saw it happen from inside the boy’s house. It was 5:30 in the evening and darker than usual but the kids could still see the roof fly.

Inspecting the damage at 6 am the next morning, I was joined by many of the more adventuresome kids still in bedclothes and towels.

We found the scene hard to believe.  The Pigs house. No roof. It FLYED.

The baby chick house.

The rabbit house. 

Roofing twisted and mangles in shambles.

The bunk house and cow barn. 

Work begins.

We really are grateful no one was hurt and the animals were ok, just had to be moved.  It will take some time but we will recover.  Life goes on.

Our first priority was getting the pigs under roof and protected. Moving the pigs was impossible. It took 20 strong men to pick up that roof bring it down the mountain and get it back in place. They did it.

Proof Positive.  A days work but the pigs are ok and under roof.

One week later. Bricks added will change the angle of the roof

October 10, new roof for rabbit & baby chick house. 10 days after the storm all roofs are in place.

Our workers are amazing. Now clean up and the interior work begins to restore the animals to their homes.

Thanks to everyone who came to our aid.

We were good but now we will be better. Each experience is a learning one.

Getting the roofs replaced is priority and that is nearly completed. I thank God for that. We took money from other accounts (school, Dental, sewing Center etc) in order to replace the roofs.  I am so glad this money was available but it has to be replaced in order to cover needs and wages for the month. Each gift helps replace that funding. 

The kids were great. Frightened yes, but they worried about me and the animals. Seeing the roof come off the pigs house and fly up the mountain is something they will not soon forget. 6 am October 1 the braver of the kids came out in towels and sleepwear and walked with me to inspect the damage to the farm.

Now that the roofs are in place it is time to clean up the inside damage and make the houses safe to return the animals to their places.  I should not be but was surprised at the ground level damage. Benjiman walked me through yesterday to see the roofs and I saw the inside damage more clearly. I think I was so concerned about the roofs, I did not see everything when I inspected the other times. 

The cows were most effected. I did know but had forgotten that when scared cows do not let down their milk and so the supply is limited until they are relaxed again. It did not effect the large chickens’ house. Only the baby chick house was demolished inside, roof and outside. The timing was ok. We had just moved the babies to the next house to bring in new babies. Don’t know yet if it traumatized the rabbits. So far no miscarriages. Hey, I really am learning a lot about life on a farm. 

Sorry it has taken me this long to get my thoughts together.


In closing, I leave you with this:

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Mama Arlene
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