Bruce Krogh is a many time visitor at Urukundo Home, and CEO for Carnegie Mellon Rwanda. He actually had some rest time and came to spend some of it with the kids. He and his wife Margie live in Kigali City and are part of our Urukundo family.

Bruce does not sit still often so this was a real treat for him and for our kids.


You are not mistaken! That is a little blond head in the middle of all the dark heads. Folke is from Denmark and is in Rwanda with his Dad and Mom. His dad Michael is a pediatrician who has been serving in our local hospital for two years and has become our volunteer medical doctor. The kids love Michael, Olinda the mom and Folke. He is growing up with our babies. He will be 1 year old soon.



Under the guidance of the youth director in our sector, 15 young people came to Urukundo to meet the kids, tour the village, visit the school and farm and spend time at the play ground.

They ended up in my living room sharing treats with the kids.

They  presented Mama with a gift. Writing on the beautiful plate reads GOD BLESS YOU.

It was an event to remember and they will be back. It is good for our kids to know all volunteers are not white. They are loved by so many. 


In 2008 a young man was traveling around our world on a bicycle. His  bicycling through Rwanda brought him to Urukundo. Needing some rest he stopped at Urukundo Home for Children asking if he could stay for a few days. We received him and he stayed with us for 4 days before he continued on with his travels. I did not hear from him again. His name was Joshua Foster . 

What a wonderful surprise when on May 24, 2014 I received this email:

‎Hello Mama Arlene!

My name is Joshua Foster and I visited and stayed with you and your family in the summer of 2008. I had been travelling by backpack and arranged to come visit for four days. My memories are fond of playing soccer, watching the new girls' home being built as well as dancing for the kids. 

I am now married and my wife and I are travelling the world for a year. I always dreamed of returning to Rwanda and now it has come true. We arrive in Kigali on June 8 and I am very hopeful that we can visit and/or spend some time there. 

Please let me know your thoughts. 

All the best. 


Joshua and Audry.