Urukundo is becoming a Teaching Center for others involved in volunteer work and study programs. Our work with 30 young people learning about teaching Preschool was first. Then two young men came to study electrical wiring with Benjamin our construction expert. On our farm, farmers came to learn how to do below ground silos and then the Director of Agriculture at another compound came to learn about kitchen gardens.

This young man is here to study human rights and ethics and how it affects children. We are so honored to have these students with us. We learn along with them.

His name is Vincent Twishime. He is Rwandese. Vincent is 25 years old, from the Musanze area.  He attends Makerere University in Kampala.   He is a wonderful young man who has just completed his first year studying human rights and ethics.  Vincent will be with us for two months. While here, he will work at the school and be a part of life at Urukundo Home and Village.