Sports at Urukundo


There are 20 kids in the Saturday morning Karate class.  9 are our kids, 11 are from the community and the group comprises both boys & girls. It is awesome to watch these kids and the master at work. It is work with dedication.

Our 5 first and 4 second graders love karate!

When the team is ready they will compete with other teams of their age.

Our master teaches as a volunteer. 

We could not afford ready-made uniforms from stores in Kigali town so our Sewing Center took a pattern, bought material and made uniforms. They are great. Good work, sewing students!  These uniforms are also available to the neighborhood parents. They can buy them for their kids at an affordable price.

I think the kids look great - comments from our readers are appreciated!

One of the neighborhood kids has a yellow belt. I'm not sure what that means in terms of advancement for children even though my son Ted is a black belt!

Volunteer Master & kids: Pete in a brown belt. He is very good with the kids.