Goals for Development

This goal is a HOPE MADE REAL that must take place.

Building four more grade levels at the school is a challenge. Are you ready to meet this challenge? Kids are depending on us. It cannot be done without help and dedication from the Urukundo family and friends.

In September a world-wide walk marathon will take place and every step you take is a step toward a better future for the children in our community.  Become an active walker for EDUCATION, the hope for the future!

Our goal & need is to raise a minimum of $286,000.

We have the land. It is cleared, leveled, secured with a foundation started. All this is paid for.

Now it is time to move literally upward literally. A two-storey building, housing and 8 classrooms is our hope.

Start planning now. Be a team leader! Involve your friends and family.

Please contact our organizers for more information. Two Carols are coordinating this event.

Carol Falke falkes@verizon.net

Carol Baney carolbaney@hotmail.com

Catch the Vision - Make It Happen - Hope Made Real

The Vision

The Plan

The Beginning.

More information is available here:

Fundraiser Steps 2014

Counting Steps - Using a Pedometer