Greetings from Urukundo Village - May 2014

Can you believe I forgot our founding anniversary until I received congratulations from a friend at Akilah Institute for Women? I can’t believe I did that.

These are some facts and the progress made in the past 8 years. How time has flown.

May 2014 is the 8th anniversary of Urukundo Foundation.

MAY 6, 2006 Urukundo had its simple beginning.

A rented house, one child, one mama, one guard and me.

May is a very special time for the Urukundo Family.

For those of you who are new to the Urukundo Foundation family and for all you who have been part of the family for a long time I thank you for the love and support you have given. A few reminders of happenings in the last 8 years.

My family in America is awesome and continues to grow with 2 new babies in the past year.

I raised my family in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Lately I am from Pittsburgh as well as Williamsport. I am blessed to be mom to 5, grandmother of 16 and Great Grandmother of 17.

I have had a full life and it expanded when I moved to Rwanda after the genocide to care for vulnerable children. Our children range in ages from 19 years to 1 week old. Our most recent arrival, a little boy, came to us only hours old. 28 kids are in secondary school (high school) 17 are in Pre to P2, and 2 are in public school. 4 are in the nursery. That should add up to 51. Yes I do know all their names and ages but I have to check my records to know when birthdays are. Hey, I'm a mom and I have the same problems with my bunch in the US.

Urukundo Village began in May 2006 as a home for girls, in a year a home for boys was added. When babies entered my life a nursery was needed. From there the farm became a part of the Village. On our farm we have cows, pigs, chickens, goats (both milk and meat) and rabbits. 

With help from Rotary International a clean and free water supply was constructed for the community. Later the Urukundo Learning Center, a Sewing Initiative and a Dental Initiative plus a small shop where we can sell milk and eggs and products made at the sewing were put in place.

The need for quality education for the poor children in the district became apparent.  That need included the kids at Urukundo Village.

Now our village has a home for boys, a home for girls, a nursery, a farm with animals and gardens where we grow much of our own food. A day care for community parents, a preschool, kindergarten, Primary one, primary 2 Music room, and a Library. We have an enrollment in our classes of 295 students. Of that number only 15 come from our home, 280 are from the community. 45 are very poor and pay no tuition. We employ 45 Rwandese citizens and hire new employees from the District thus supporting the economy.

We have seen many changes in our compound and witnessed many changes in the community because we are here. We hope to have a celebration to mark our 10th anniversary in 2 years. Start planning a trip now so that many of you can join us in the celebration. Remember 2016 is the year.

This is a summary of 8 years because you have cared and continue to help us make a difference.