Greetings from Urukundo Village - March 2014

Hello everyone whereever you are.

Spring is just around the corner for many of you, but for us the weather is great. We are planting a second crop because the weather here is playing tricks - but in our favor. Imagine two growing seasons back to back with no dry season in the middle. Seems the climate is changing everywhere.

The children are fine. They have the ordinary scrapes, bumps and bruises. They run too fast, stop too quick and take headers, get up and run again.

Jacob is coming to Mama’s house on his own now. He is so little, but very independent.

He is not ready for soccer yet.

Looks like we have a new girl. (The dress code for children does not exist at Urukundo.). No, it is Jacob learning to run and keep his balance. Not easy on bricks and rough ground.

Visiting Mama's room.

Baby Jenett  is now 4 months old and has discovered her hands. Watching a baby develop is awesome.  She is not sure where they came from or if they are hers but she likes them. She has been using them to hold and grab for some time, but didn’t really see them till now.

I wonder as I watch this baby, how many things we take for granted but do not really see.

At my age I am still learning and many of the lessons come from children.