Thanksgiving Greetings

The time goes so fast. I think it has something to do with age. There are never enough days in the week and yet some days are too long.

Urukundo moves along at an amazing rate.  Soon it will be 2015.

Time to think about the month just passed. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here at Urukundo but we have so much to be thankful for. I do hope all of you who celebrate the day had a great day - enjoyed Macy's Christmas Parade, family, lots of good food and football.

The people I am most thankful for and in a list of their own include:

The members of my family in the USA who continue to love me and support my ministry in Rwanda.

The list here at Urukundo Village begins and there is no end.

1. Sponsors are at the top of the list.

I am so thankful for the faithful sponsors who make this ministry possible. We depend on our sponsors in order for us to care for our children.

2. Our children are in good health.

In a big way this is due to the vitamins they receive every day - thanks to gifts from our generous donors.

3. The rains have been good and our vegetable gardens are producing. Celery has been added to my garden this season. I am delighted that it grows. I’m not quite sure how the stalks develop but I will learn.

4. National exams are over.  Senior 3 and senior 6 students are waiting for grades.

5. Tresor has finished his testing for the Mastercard Scholarship.  Now it is a matter of time until we learn the results.    

6. Benita has a sponsor.

This is just a little of what I have to be thankful for at Urukundo.