November at Urukundo

November started of with a bang. A dental team of 3 came for 3½ days to take part in our dental program and also work with our head dentist Edmund at Kabgayi Hospital Clinic.

Brittany did scaling at our facility while the other two worked with fillings at Kabgayi. During her days here 34 patients were cared for and the kids got lots of love. During her stay with us she received a new name. She said jokingly with the kids 'My name is Potato' because they were having trouble remembering Brittany!  So her Urukundo name is Potato. I suppose she is a white potato. For sure she is a sweet potato!

Charmaine and Troy Michelson and Brittany made a super team. They are very special people. Troy played piggy back with the kids the night they arrived. That was fun especially for the kids. I think they called him a horse. This was play our kids had not experienced before!