Photo Gallery for November

Five of our Secondary kids finished High School this year. A lot depends on the scores made in the National exams where their future lies. We can make a difference.  A gift to the EDUCATION FUND is one way you can help these kids obtain higher education and a brighter future.

Because you cared this group of young adults dare to dream. Their dreams for the future are do-able. Can you help make it happen?  

Anett hopes to be accepted at Akilah Institute for women.

Lucie, Her dream is to become a pastor and serve in ministering to others.

Divine has a heart for aviation and is applying to Nairobi Aviation College Flying School.

Esperance wants to go into the field of medicine. KHI (Kigali Health Institute) Medical or Dental.

Alexander's future lies in Computer Technology and Computer Science. KIST for his Bachelors and Carnagie Mellon Rwanda for his Masters.



Their goals are within reach with your help. Funding is needed. Check out the web sites for these schools and see where your heart leads you.