Dental Initiative Report and Reliable Electricity

Have you ever experienced this? You are at the dentist. Sitting in the chair having a cavity in your molar repaired and the electricity goes out. You wait for four hours for the electricity to come back on so the dentist can finish the job and you can go home.  Not at all a pleasant experience but it can and did happen here. Is there a solution? Yes there is.


This yellow container (a generator!) cured the problem. Our dental patients no longer have to be concerned about the loss of electricity. Thanks to a gift from a mission-minded person we now have a generator that comes on when the electricity goes out so that work can continue. The generator serves multiple purposes. It is big enough to supply emergency electricity to the farm, kitchen, children’s homes, Nursery, and residence. What a blessing.

The electricity goes off in our area between 6 and 9 pm on a regular basis. These are the dark hours in Urukundo Village. Daylight is gone.

6:30 is also the exact time the evening meal is served to the children. Eating by candlelight or flashlight may be romantic in some cultures but for little kids it is no fun.  The generator is set up to provide cover for the essential buildings. The houses where the children eat and play and have devotions in the evenings are included in the network. Thanks to this wonderful gift our children no longer eat and spend the evening in darkness. Because of our supportive friends in Rotary dependable light has come in to our lives.