When there is no way

As many of you are aware Urukundo was not able to construct the two-story building needed for the 2015 school year because of the extraordinary cost of the foundation of a two-story building and so we prayed for a solution to our problem. The problem was a need for two classrooms for p3 students.

The solution came in two steps.


Step #1

The large house that sits surrounded by Urukundo land became available for a reasonable sale price. That was great however there was no money to buy at any price.

Front view of the house. Over looking the Primary school and along side the preschool.

Additional outbuildings and land which are so needed.

Blue roof at the bottom of the photo is the Primary school.

Truly, acquiring this property would solve so many problems in the expansion of Urukundo Learning Center.

Step #2

There is a stone on the PATH TO LEARNING in memory of Rev. Marjorie Glascow put there 2 years ago at the time of her passing.

Rev. Marjorie Glascow served the Oval UMC in Pennsylvania. She came to Africa with a mission team and was very supportive of Urukundo Home for Children and me.

This very dear friend of mine and of Hope Made Real departed life much too soon. In her love for this ministry she had informed those in charge of her estate that a gift should be given to Hope Made Real in her name and with her love. Now 2 years later that gift arrived when our need was great. It was enough to meet the purchase price of the house that will now become an important part of our Learning Center.

Thanks to Marjorie’s gift we have space to move the Library, Music and Art classrooms into the new building and the Primary 3 students can move into those vacated rooms.


When renovation is finished the new building will be dedicated:

THE  URUKUNDO CULTURAL CENTER:  In Loving Memory of Rev. Marjorie Glascow