Education Mission outside our Home

We have GRADUATED 4 students (former employees) with bachelor’s degrees from Universities in Rwanda.

Mary Claire Nishimwe      Butare National University graduated 2010

Diane Mupfasoni      SFB (School of Finance and Banking) graduated 2011

Etienne Sentore      KIST (Kigali Institute of Science and Technology) graduated 2013

Juliette Musabyemariya      SFB graduated 2013

Both Etienne and Juliette have returned and work for Urukundo at a very low wage. We appreciate their dedication.

University Students from staff now working for their Bachelors.


Emanuel Gatera    Year 4  KIU Kigali Independent University

Jolly Kahogoear      3 SFB School Finance Banking

Jean Marie Ntweri      Year 2 Catholic University of Rwanda

If you have a desire to help others seeking higher education please contact me (Arlene Brown at>) for more information on how you can help.

Education from Preschool to University is our hope for the future and you can be a part of this project.