Adult Classes

Sewing Enterprise

We hope these two Projects will be the beginning of our technical school.

The Sewing Center is a teaching program. The center makes uniforms for our school and other schools in the area. It also makes products to be sold. Aprons, bags for every purpose, dresses, shirts and skirts. This is a source of revenue.

For the Community

Exercise classes evenings three times a week for the community in Hope House.

English as a second Language.

3 classes, 3 levels. Our teachers are unpaid volunteers.

Dental Teaching Center

This project is just beginning - more details as it progresses!

The Dental Center will be a teaching program and will offer education to the children and their parents on the value of good dental hygiene.

The Center will work with our school, our home and poor children in the community. In the beginning stages we have a used chair and a light. We need everything else. Two dentistry personnel from Kabgayi Dental Clinic are heading this project for Urukundo. More equipment is needed.