Palm Sunday - a guest post by Carol Falke

We are so fortunate to be in Rwanda to observe Palm Sunday. This morning the children gathered so they could walk into the church singing hosanna and waving palms. The teens and even the littlest one, Kevine holding Carol Baney's hand and carrying a palm leaf made this so special.

Arlene shared what this day means to her. "People were expecting a king but when Jesus came as a simple servant and was humble to the people he was not acceptable." For Arlene it comes down to 1 song sung at church today, "Jesus is Alive in Africa" or in Kinyarwanda "Jesu ni Muzima".

The 1 hr 45 min service included the children from the Urukundo Home as well as others from the community. The evening before Linda practiced songs with the teens and even taught them "He is Lord". After we all sang it once during the service Arlene asked Linda if she would sing it. You always say yes to Mama. So, for the first time ever, Linda sang not only solo but acapella. It was beautiful! Thank you Linda!!