April Greetings from Rwanda and the US

Hello from both sides of the world.

The April and May newsletters will be unique. I bring you greetings from Sarah our media person in Seattle, Mama in Pennsylvania, the kids at Urukundo Village and Carol Falke in both Urukindo & the US.
I departed Rwanda and Urukundo on April 1. There were mixed feelings as I hugged and kissed and waved bye to all the kids.
The teens had just come home on holiday from secondary school and I had little time to spend with them. We really look forward to holidays.  This one was only for 3 weeks. Knowing Carol Falke from State College would be there for 12 days after I left  made it a little easier for me. 
David, our 4 year old, told me before I left he would watch my bed and not let anyone sleep in it. He was so sincere. At the last minute Johnny picked me a flower from our garden and gave it to me to take with me. Johnny brings me a flower from the yard every day when I am home. 
I left Urukundo Village on a threefold journey. Some of you know I had a vein problem a year and a half ago and it was time to have it checked. The report is excellent. The problem is no more.
The second reason was a joy. My very first grandson Christian was being married to Sara, a wonderful young woman, and I wanted so much to be there.  The weather was perfect and the bride and groom were beautiful. Yep, as Gram of the groom I can say he was beautiful. The photographer even made me look special. Georgia is a beautiful state.
Mama and brother of the groom as escort.
Sara and Christian.
Mother Patricia and Dad Dale.  I am a very happy Grandmother.
The third part of my journey is to find funding to build more classrooms for the Urukundo Learning Center.
I am hoping many of you will take part in this project to provide Education for children who want and deserve an opportunity to learn and succeed in life. Providing that opportunity is the goal of  Urukundo Foundation and its friends and families.