Growing Kids and Views from the School

I will send different pictures each month so you will know all the kids as they grow. I am in awe as they change so much and so fast. It would be my pleasure to send you pictures of all 48 kids at one time but the server would refuse because of volume.
The kids are well and looking forward to our seasonal holiday with no school until January 2014. This is a time when we are all together as a family at Urukundo Village.  I love having all the kids home.
Agide 6 years. Graduated from Kindergarten to First Grade in 2014.
David, 6 years old, 2013 Graduate, Grade 1 2014.
Claudine, 6 years old, a beautiful little girl. In Preschool and received a special award at graduation ceremony.
Sarah, 5 years old, number one in her class. Kindergarten 2014.
Rebekah 4 year old, preschool, still missing front teeth.
Johnny 5 year old, Kindergarten 2014.
Kaboss, 4 year old, Kindergarten 2014.
Kenilla, 6 year old, Grade 1, 2014.
After seeing the kids I want to share with you the beautiful land where we live in Rwanda. This is the view from in front of the primary school.
It will be interesting to see the new buildings develop on this land. The mountain view will not change.
View of the mountains.
Land for new classrooms.
Building area and view.
One day a secondary school.