What is there to do at Urukundo Village?

Ask the 7 Students and 2 leaders from SMU in Texas, USA. They came for a day and worked hard.

Michael Dearman, Corbin Swagerty and Sargent Jimmy Winn,  the co-leader, worked at clearing the land in preparation for building the hoped-for primary school. This was the first work signaling the beginning of Project PRIMARY SCHOOL.

Oscar our administrator supervised.

The girls removed bricks from an old wall and we will reuse them to construct the chicken house.

Their leader Pat Davis and Haleigh Wagner work in the library. Indeed there are many jobs to do. Spending time with the children is an added bonus.

Thank you for coming and sharing SMU, Texas.

One child, one laptop. Corbin's research project in action.

It turned out Corbin's research project for school was the project ONE CHILD, ONE LAPTOP. He was delighted to see the actual laptops being used.

Ketetha Olengue (with baby Diane on her back) and the girls spent time with the babies and toddlers. The  girls helped with baths, and helped serve breakfast and lunch. The most fun was singing with Corbin on the guitar, sharing story and game time. Our kids loved every minute.