Partners Needed build this school. It is our goal to have 2 classrooms ready by January 2013. Our school year starts in January for Primary and Secondary students. For University the school year starts in September. 

The classrooms are needed to accept the first graduates of Cyakabiri Preschool. With your help this is possible. Education is so vital here in Rwanda and everywhere. It is the key to a brighter future for our world.  Consider becoming a partner on the pathway to learning and make another HOPE BECOME REAL.

This is an invitation to educators reading this newsletter.

If you want a new experience and want to make a difference in the lives of children it is possible. Please consider coming to Rwanda and working with our teachers at Urukundo Learning Center.

Whatever your expertise we can use you.


For a gift of $100 or more a stone can be added to the path to learning. The proceeds go to further education in our village and the community. A gift in honor of, in memory of or just because you want to make a difference would be appreciated.  

Path to Learning adds 2 new stones

Valerie and her mom from Canada visited Urukundo Village for a short time in May and sister Charley is coming in June for a month of volunteer work. Mom Diane placed the stone to honor her two older daughters.

Thank you Diane.