Project in Progress for May


Wood has become a problem in Rwanda. It is scarce and expensive. We cook with wood because that is what is available.

Now that we have the farm Biogas has become an option. Biogas is a product of manure. With goats, pigs, cows and chickens we now have manure enough to install a biogas tank and  also make our kitchen a safer place for those who prepare our meals. Wood smoke may smell good outdoors but the smoke is not so good in a confined area. 

Getting ready to run the pipeline to the kitchen and the farm.  I am told we will have gas for cooking and some way this project will supply electricity to the kitchen and farm. I don't understand how this is possible and so I leave it to the experts. To be able to supply our own gas for cooking and a constant source of electricity is our hope.  Saving the environment, our resources and producing our own baby chicks is a plus.  Imagine the benefits.