Mothers' Day 2012 

I have been around for a lot of Mothers' Days but this one will stand strong in my memory.
Sharing their love for the children of Urukundo and their needs, two wonderful people - Vincent from Rwanda and Carol from the US - expressed in love how hard it is for Urukundo Foundation to meet emergencies when the budget is tight. This discussion took place at Pine Street UMC in Williamsport, PA, USA. Hearts reached out to a Mama with 43 kids, a full heart and a need for emergency help for such unforeseen events. This was the beginning of a Mothers' Day gift called the INGOBOKA FUND.
Please add this word to your dictionary.
My computer dictionary does not tell me what Ingoboka means. It says it is not a word. For me it is the most beautiful word not in the dictionary. 
My heart dictionary tells me it means "peace of mind and strengthening of faith".  
My Kinyarwanda dictionary says INGOBOKA is a very important word. Its meaning is "help where needed."
Yes, that is a very good definition and it fits the purpose of the fund. 
Words cannot express my love and gratitude to those who recognize that unexpected needs arise in every family. When that family consists of 43 live-in kids within a wider local community, those needs are many. The Ingoboka fund is "God's love in action".
Thanks to all who have taken this fund as their service project.
Mama Arlene