Meet our Students at Urukundo Learning Center

A new morning class. These children are meeting in HOPE HOUSE until their classroom is finished. 

Bricks and cement are needed for completion of the classroom. The children inspect the progress of construction each day. They know it will be for them and it is surprising how interested they are seeing the work being done. We may have some engineers in the group!
A new afternoon class in Hope House.
The kids in the next two pictures will be our first graduates from preschool in 2 years.  We must have a Primary School built by then to receive the graduates. In Rwanda the age for starting Primary school is 6 years. They will be ready.  But will we?
Cyakabiri Class second term, afternoon class - 5 year olds who graduate in 2013.
Second term morning class in Cyakabiri classroom - 3 and 4 year olds.