Cyakabiri School Report

It is for sure we need to have more rooms for students. There are many more 3 to 5 year olds waiting to enroll. We need the space and teachers.  Volunteer teachers interested in being a part of this adventure in education in Rwanda, Africa are welcome to inquire and learn more about the goals of the school. This may be just the opportunity you have been waiting for. You will make a difference in the lives of small children.
Learning to match. Learning through doing.
Sun glasses and a worker's helmet. What fun! Morning snack is also good.
Claude from Urukundo Home for Children. We now have 7 children from our Home enrolled in our school for small children.
Dress up and pretend. Imagination is a new nation for the students.
Morning greeting.
Different expressions in one photo - I wonder what their thoughts are.
It is in the eyes.
The toy pig gets a house...then a wall so he cannot run away.  It's amazing how quickly the pighouse becomes a garage for moto cars!