Traveling Mercies needed for a Learning Adventure!

How do teachers of young children learn to write good lesson plans, talk with children, and offer the best learning environment? By seeing other skilled teachers at work!

A unique opportunity has been offered to Vincent and Louisa, the administrator and a teacher at Cyakabiri School for Young Children. This fall, they are invited come to the U.S. to further their educations. Jan Brown, Director of Cyakabiri, is putting together a remarkable itinerary for Vincent and Louisa to learn more about early childhood education. They can see the very best licensed and accredited programs in action and meet college professors who are world leaders in early childhood.

When the Cyakabiri teachers arrive, their transport, lodging, food, and in-depth learning experiences will be provided. All they need are their passports, visas, and plane tickets.

You can help support these talented teachers—who can then share what they learn with educators and policy makers in Rwanda. Please consider donating to the Teacher Education Initiative and pray for Vincent and Louisa to have courage. Their flights will be their very first in their lives!