May News from Cyakabiri School for Small Children

As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, the Home for Boys is in full operation as is the Home for Girls and 2010 saw the Nursery built and filled with 14 babies under 4 years of age. These precious babies would be lost without Urukundo. Praise the Lord that we are here because you and others care. 
Our target goal in education was to start a school in five years and we have reached that goal.  Our students are beautiful.
Now we have 14 kids soon there will be 20 children in the 3 and 4 year old morning group and 18 in the afternoon 5 year old group.
Jan continues to be director from her home in the US. Praise God for technology.
Opening of Cyakabiri School for small Children - kids and staff.
Claude writes in his journal.
Claude and Luki doing puzzles.
Book readers.
David laces.
Urukundo is so blessed to have Janet F. Brown, Early Childhood Education Consultant as Director of the Cyakabiri School for Small Children. Jan will be instrumental in developing the school system here.
Jan's biggest problem is dividing her time between the school and the nursery. Her love of the children is awesome.
Thank you Jan.