Community Water Project

The water project for the community is moving along but of course always the limitations is money. It wasn't smart, but we did not figure electricity in the original cost estimate so we wait upon God.
The community is supplying the labor and it is hard labor. It will most benefit the women, children and girls who carry the water up the mountain on their heads.  When this is finished there will be easy access to essential water.
With tears in their eyes the women hugged me said, "This has been a dream and now it is really going to happen. We did not think is was possible".  My response "With God all things are possible"
carrying stones to the work site.
foundation work.
The water source at the bottom of the mountain.
Keep us and this project in prayer we need an additional $5000 to complete the work. Not much, but when you don't have it - well you know the rest!