Celebration - It Needs a Party!

Cake and Fanta for all.  Hey, I am shouting the good news!   URUKUNDO HOME FOR CHILDREN IS FIVE YEARS OLD!

Five years ago on May 1, 2006 Urukundo opened it doors and its heart to children needing love and protection, food, education and a better chance for a brighter future. 
This year is our fifth year serving the children of Rwanda. Urukundo is alive and doing well. With God in charge and with God's speed we have moved forward faster than I ever envisioned. We have reached so many of our goals and the big one was education for orphans and the very poor. The school for small children at Urukundo started with the solid approval of the District and the Ministry of Education on May 10th 2011.
Cyakabiri School is truly Hope Made Real.
There are so many reasons to celebrate this fifth year.   The water project for safe, clean water for the community is well underway, expecting to be completed in mid-July.
The line of succession has been established. Urukundo is built on a firm foundation will continue long after the founder has moved on to rest. All in this first month of the next five years.
Now we need financial help from our friends to be able to pay salaries for the teachers and put electricity into the water project. Any ideas of how to make others aware of this need would be appreciated. I had hoped the educators in our newsletter list would come to the rescue but that has not happened yet.   We need funds.
I don't know how I became a farmer! Now I have cows, sheep, chickens, rabbits, goats and dogs. Muhanga District has given us a cow and in June we will receive 3 more. That is real recognition for Urukundo Foundation and our Ministry from the Rwandan government.  It's also a blessing for our kids - milk is so important.  We will need to build a barn (lean-to shed) to protect them.