Teacher Training

On November 4th Louise, who is one of our teachers from Cyakabiri School, boarded a plane for the US. She was accompanied by Jan Brown, Coordinator for our Preschool and Carol Falke, a dynamic fund raiser for Urukundo village and Urukundo Home for Children from State College, Pa. This was the beginning of many firsts for Louise. It is our hope that more of our teachers can travel to the US to receive extensive training and that teachers will come from the US to experience Cyakabiri School and share their knowledge wih our teachers. 
Louise is one of the three teachers at Cyakabiri Preschool - her journey begins.
Airports and luggage all part of the journey.
What Louise saw coming into the US. Sunrise over DC beautiful.
Louise's son Bruno came to Urukundo to be part of our family while his mom is in America.
He is a very fine boy and makes friends easily. He is a credit to his mother and loved at Urukundo Home.
We may not want him to go when his Mama comes home from the US. We are glad he will be close and can come visit and play with his new brothers even after his mom is home.
Luki and Bruno.
Bruno and Claude.