Mission Outreach

A well for the community at Nyanza was constructed and is in operation.
This was developed on John's land in Nyanza for the benefit of the community and his land.
Over 300 children are attending Primary school because Urukundo Foundation is in Rwanda.
  The really big news was construction of the Nursery.

On the farm, we now have one cow and a young calf, five sheep (2 males and 3 females). We have goats, but they are currently on John's land in Nyanza. We hope to bring them home to Urukundo farm as soon as possible.

 Urukundo Foundation was given official  status as a Non Profit Organization and Mama Arlene was given a permanent Visa by the Immigration Department.

Our first visitors in 2011 have included two working teams of 9 and 18 boarding volunteers, some long- and short-term visitors as well as several day visitors wanting to know more about Urukundo.