Our Goals for the Year Ahead

 In process:
  • Urukundo Home for Children is no longer an organization. The official organization is Urukundo Foundation which is now staffed by employees not volunteers.
  • Urukundo Foundation pay Social Security and income tax are deducted for all employees starting January 2011.
  • It is our desire to produce more of our own food by building kitchen gardens on our own land - 3 are already built.  We intend plant beans and peas in open fields not being used for construction at present.
  • Constructing a well to serve the community and Urukundo village year round and during the dry season.
Thoughts for future income: 
  • Restocking the Chicken Farm.
  • Purchasing a second milk cow.
  • The start up of a Cyber Cafe in Cyeza sector. None exists at present.
  • Construction and start up of an English-centered Preschool on property already owned by Urukundo Foundation.  
  • Developing Hope House as a community center (for weddings, meetings etc) along with its many other purposes.