Greetings from Mama Arlene in Rwanda for January 2011

 Happy  New Year from the Urukundo Kids and Mama Arlene!
2011 came in with what started out as a noisy party - singing, dancing, watching videos and listening to music. The kids were excited! We played games, had refreshments and then by 10 pm the kids decided the New Year could come in with them sleeping in their warm beds. By midnight our group had dwindled to a precious few.  Divine, Esperance and Annet remained awake - just barely - until midnight.  There was even a short firework display and noise. Not great, but certainly fun to see.
2010 in Review

 42 children live in Urukundo Village
8 are in the Nursery
3 attend Preschool
15 are in Primary
16 are in Secondary School
5 of our staff attend University thanks to generous sponsors.
5 children were added to our family in 2010 - all but one child at Urukundo has a sponsoring family. 
All children and staff are covered by medical insurance.
Every child has a Jr. Savings account at Fina Bank offering further security for their future.
Urukundo became part of the Prison Ministry for Children - we are now working with the government. 
The first graduating class from Urukundo English Language School was a big event.
Claudine is wearing her first pair of glasses. Her health & vision are much improved. She is creeping, standing, walking with holding one finger and talking. It has been a big year for her and for us.
Mama and Lilliane visited America for 3 1/2 months. The trip included time in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington DC, Arizona, California and Texas.
Todd and Andria Ellingson from Arizona, and Nancy Ehrig, a nurse from New Hampshire, filled in for Mama while she was away.