Newsletter Supplement - Important News

Blessings flow. Prayers needed.

From the very beginning of this ministry the unexpected has happened with GOD IN CHARGE. This faith ministry has been awesome.

My mission goal was to have a Home for Children but I was timid and asked God for a small house. He gave me a big one.

The next request was for a home for boys and I was given a house and a chicken farm. Needing to move the chickens out of the compound for the boys, I asked for a piece of land. God gave me five.

Slowly by slowly (Rwandan expression), enough land was added and Urukundo Village became a real place.

In the village is a Home for Girls, a Home for Boys, a beautiful nursery, a kitchen, a small guest house that only has room for two guests and a Multipurpose House for Worship, the Library and Community Center for meetings and celebrations.  We have what is called a farm with some chickens, 5 sheep, 5 goats and rabbits, a Cow for milk and her calf and the other animals for meat for our kids.  Our land has a kitchen garden planted with vegetables - cabbage, carrots, beans, peas, cassava, corn.

After all this, now God is moving us forward at a great speed. 
A preschool is in process, A community water project is underway, a small Cyber Cafe is in the works and best of all, a compound has become available on the main road that could serve as a house for visitors.

Urukundo Village Guest House. The price is reasonable and the owner is willing to give Urukundo some time to come up with the amount needed.
There is also a piece of land belonging to this property and it can be ours in a package deal.   This property connects to Urukundo Village directly behind the boys home.  This is a well-built house with landscaped grounds, parking space in the rear, water, electricity, two modern baths, four large sleeping rooms. and a master bedroom with bath.  A large front room for use for meetings and events and a lovely porch for just enjoying the beautiful weather.  The necessary walls are already built to protect the property and give our guests privacy.

Read on.
God has opened this door. 

Stepping out in Faith I have deleted my account for my old age in America thinking this is possibly my old age and am praying hard for the balance needed for the purchase to take place.

Buying this property solves many problems.  
The house and grounds I occupy now would become the first building for the preschool. 

There is a walled-in yard in place for the children.  
For a school to operate Government regulations require a clinic and an office. Both are already there.
God plans well. 
The preschool would be in operation while we build for the future. 

Now we would have a guest house with visibility and easy access for our volunteers and visitors. 
The first building of our Education system would be ready for use and at less cost and time than expected.

Prayers and support are needed as decisions are made. 

Mama Arlene