Education in the Future

Our goal has always been to provide education for the children at Urukundo Village and the community at large.
Education is the future of Rwanda and its children.
This is a very big project and a long term hope. First to be built is a Preschool, then a Primary School then a Secondary School. If it is God's will a University will be constructed on the top of the mountain. We are looking into the future about 20 years or more. GOD IN CHARGE. I am hoping educators and those interested in the education of Rwanda's children will come alongside and help this dream become a reality.
If you want to be a part of this project I would like to hear from you. It will not be built in a day. Consider taking this journey with me.
I wear a medallion which reads:   
I believe this to be true, and so by sharing with you I have taken the first step.  Come walk with me.  
Mama Arlene